How to start organizing your keys

Locksmith in HoustonThey say that the smallest things can matter the most, and when we’re talking about security it’s important that we know which key works for what lock. All of us have this bundle of keys that we carry around every day and every time we need one of those that could be found on the bundle, we often end up testing every key there is to find out which is which. It’s frustrating and is also a waste of precious time.

When organizing your keys, see to it that you already know which key works for which lock in the house, so you won’t have difficulty labeling it later on. You can also separate the keys that you use more often than the others so you won’t get confuse.

One of the simplest ways of organizing your keys is by labeling them. There are a lot of ways how you can label your keys, like writing on a small piece of paper where you use that specific key, for example “basement” and you just tape it at the head part of the key. One of the best ways you can label your keys is with the use of labeling tapes which are very durable and long lasting. What’s great about labeling tapes is that it doesn’t easily tear off and the words on the label don’t easily get erased or smudged as well.

Another way of labeling is by putting a mark on the head with a marker or paint, what’s important with this method is that you should remember what marker or paint color corresponds to which lock inside the house. I also saw some videos online where they use nail polish to mark their keys and add up a little art to make it look pretty and a two layer coat of transparent nail polish to make it more durable. You can also use different key chain colors if you want to and I also found this multiple key holder with spring hook and exchangeable rings. It comes in very handy because you can just detach the hook of any specific key you need to use and just leave the others hanging on your belt loop.

Misplaced keys

Other than labeling your keys or putting marks on them, make sure that you place your keys on areas where you can easily get them before leaving the house, may it be in a jar or a small key holder on the wall. This will prevent you from misplacing your keys and easy for you to just pick them up and go.

These are very simple ways that can help you big time with your key issues so take a little bit of time to work on it and you won’t have to worry about such small things.

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